Mario Balotelli In Savage Attack On English Model


    Italian footballer of Ghanaian descent Mario Barwuah Balotelli has claimed that English Big Brother winner Sophie Reade has been pursuing a relationship and bombarding him with texts.
    The Manchester City striker, who was born to Ghanaian parents, insists lashed out at Sophie questioning the upbringing she had from her parents.
    Earlier this month, the glamour model alleged that the Manchester City striker had cheated on her with a close friend.
    Balotelli admitted that he had met the reality TV star once, but insisted that they were never in a “serious relationship”. “I met her once, she started to bombard me with texts, I had to block her number. She’s a superficial little character,” he told The Sun.
    Speaking about his decision to bed Reade’s friend Faye Evette, he described the fellow model as “more interesting than Sophie”:
    He added: “Sophie has just sent me another SMS a mile long. After two screen loads I had to erase it. Now that her Big Brother popularity has waned, she’s trying to be back on the media to find work. Does she need money? Why does she not tell me so, instead of getting me on the front pages… So sad. I think of the parents of these kind of girls.”
    However, Reade responded on Twitter: “Haha if someones gonna lie atleast do it so I can’t prove it ’sophie its me the best you idiot now answer your phone!’ Ha who’s pestering!? (sic).”