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Friday, August 12, 2022

Akufo Addo Sacks Frances Essiam

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Madam Essiam was a member of the NDCJohn Boadu, the newest addition to Akufo-Addo’s growing list of unconvincing spokespersons, has succeeded in branding Frances Ewurabana Essiam as a mole within the New Patriotic Party (NPP).
The Informer newspaper is reporting on authority that John Boadu, as a way of assuring Akufo-Addo that he is loyal, has gotten the NPP Flagbearer to cut Frances out of his inner circle. Deep throat sources explained that John Boadu’s branding of Frances as a mole arose from a phone call that Frances made to the phone of President Mills sometime last week, in the presence of John Boadu.
Frances Ewurabena Essiam started her political career with the General Eskine’s Peoples Heritage Party (PHP) then moved to the Nkrumahist National Convention Party (NCP).
Still not satisfied, Frances Essiam quit the NDC and dashed to join the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) and finally somersaulted to join the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and gained the notorious title of Ghana’s Foremost Political “Prostitute” which she accepts with the description “e-Zwich.”
According to The Informer’s sources, Frances has been boasting that she has the number of the President and during a radio programme on Choice FM, got incensed, after some resistance, and put a call through to the President’s phone.
Somehow, immediately after John Boadu left the studios of Choice FM, he rushed to Akufo-Addo’s house on the Ringway, and reported that Frances Essiam is a mole because she has been leaking information from Akufo-Addo’s camp to the President and the NDC.
Once Akufo-Addo convinced himself that indeed, Frances Essiam put a call through to the phone of the President, no pleading and begging from Frances was going to convince Akufo-Addo to continue to have Frances in his inner circle.
Frances has been given strict instructions never to set foot in the home of Akufo-Addo. According to the source, John Boadu and a group of NPP loyalists have never trusted Frances because of her NDC antecedents.
Indeed, the thinking among some NPP people is that, because the NPP is no longer swimming in cocaine and kickback cash, and because Frances is not getting the kinds of free money she used to get from Francis Poku and Kufuour, she is now in the business of giving information to the NDC so that she can keep body and soul together.
“John Boadu has succeeded in destroying Frances to Nana and she is no longer part of Nana’s inner circle” the source within the NPP circles, said.“I have heard that Frances is so bitter that very soon, she will be holding a press conference to spill a lot of beans about happenings within the Akufo Addo’s camp as well as within the NPP” the source added.
With the sacking of Frances from the inner circle of Akufo-Addo’s Akyem mafia, and also with the sacking of incongruous Samuel Abu Jinapor (even though he is fighting to deny it) and brother Dominic Nitiwul, it is becoming increasingly clear that Gabby and his group are not prepared to work with political prostitutes who jump from the NDC into the boat of the NPP only when the NPP won power.
It would be recalled that now incongruous Samuel Jinapor and Dominic Nitiwul used to be members of the NDC but jumped on board the NPP train when the party won power and had a lot of stolen and cocaine cash to spread.
Source: The Informer

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