I’m Not Marrying In November


    Yvonne Nelson

    It is difficult to understand why actress Yvonne Nelson is always denying that she is dating someone or why the media suspects she is in a relationship.
    After publicly denying all the five big names she was reportedly dating, Yvonne Nelson again denied reports that she would get married this December to a rich guy in Dubai who has already bought her a midnight-blue new 2011 Range Rover sports supercharge.
    “It is false that I was in Dubai with my boyfriend and we are planning to get married. I don’t know where this is coming from.
    I am not in any relationship right now. I am very single. It is absurd. It is unbelievable.
    “And then the one about the Range Rover, I don’t have a Range Rover. My dad has a Range Rover in the house and I think if even I am going to buy a car, I will not buy a Range Rover because I will have two Range Rovers in my house.
    I don’t know where this rumor is coming from. It is the fakest rumor ever. There is no Range Rover on the sea coming.
    “My dad’s Range Rover is even black but the one the media is referring to is blue or whatever. My dad even customized his name as the registration number but sometimes I drive it and this may have given people the wrong impression.
    “If people are wishing me to get married this year, I think it is a good thing, so I say Amen. But I am not getting married,” Yvonne Nelson told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview.
    She admitted to travelling to Dubai recently but insisted she went alone and not with any guy or lover. She said the purpose was to buy some “personal” stuff and not a wedding shopping.