Blame NDC Gov’t For The Poor Administration Of Sports In Ghana


    The NPP Member of Parliament for Okaikoi South, Nana Akomea has slammed the ruling NDC government for what he describes as the embarrassment they have brought to the nation by interfering in sports administration.
    According to him, sports administration in Ghana is experiencing major setbacks as a result of the consistent interference by government.
    The International Olympic Committee on Thursday, January 13th, 2011, suspended the Ghanaian National Committee (GOC) after government failed to take agreed steps to ensure no political interference in the body.
    Ghana has thus become the first African country and the second country in the world to be banned following Kuwait last year, after efforts to ensure that the GOC was protected from domestic political involvement failed.
    Speaking on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana show, Nana Akomea said the ban is the manifestation of the poor record of sports administration by the NDC government. He asserted that there is something terribly wrong with the way the NDC is administering sports in the country.
    “The bottom line is that, the record of sports administration by the NDC government is very poor and this is the latest manifestation of the poverty in sports. Ghana becomes the second country to be banned by the IOC, and this shows that there is something terribly wrong with the way the NDC is administering sports,” he noted.
    In his estimation, the NDC goofed badly when some apologists of government tried to forcefully drive Mr. B.T. Baba, who was recognised by the IOC out of office, thus forcing him to go to Court after Government had sent security operatives to seize some assets belonging to his (B.T. Baba’s) administration.
    According to him, even after the Court ruled in favour of the B.T. Baba-led administration, Government failed to recognise him and settle the matter amicably.
    “The rule is that nominations must come 21 days before the election. Professor Dodoo’s nomination came less than 21 days before the elections. And people who had been appointed by Government were not to run for the elections…We have had various warnings so we should not pretend that we were not aware. We had two years to resolve the issue, what were we waiting for? Are we the only Government in Africa that we have to bully everybody? At the Commonwealth games in India, Ghana was nearly pushed out because of all this foolishness taking place at the IOC. The embarrassment is too much” he stated.
    Nana Akomea said, the NDC government needs to be advised to amend their ways from politicizing every issue.
    “The blame should squarely be placed on the door steps of government and government should be advised to mend its ways because it is not everything that we politicize… when you do that, you take the country into this kind of unnecessary hustle,” he said.
    He added that after all the feat the country attained in South Africa during the World Cup, Ghana has constantly been embarrassed with negative news on sports.
    “This ban is an embarrassment to this country and the whole world is witnessing it. After all the success we chalked in South Africa during the world cup; all the news on sports in Ghana has been negative; it started with football and now athletics. So all that we were seeing in terms of national profile in South Africa has gone down the drain,” he said.
    He alleged that all the negative happenings in the Sports administration in Ghana are engineered by the government, claiming that after several warnings, the NDC government continuously bullies their way around, in Ghana sports.