Farmer Invents Electric Shoes


    A Chinese farmer has invented a pair of ‘electric shoes’ which he claims enable wearers to run more than 100 miles a day. The shoes are effectively battery-powered roller skates which feature headlights, indicators, brakes and brake lights.
    The wearer presses a button on the handle to be propelled forward at speeds of up to 15mph, explained inventor Zhao Xueqin, of Wugang, Henan province.
    He was inspired to invent the shoes for children in rural areas in China who often have to travel many miles to go to school.
    “My hometown is a mountainous village. The nearest school is more than 20km away from our village, and kids have to get up each morning at 3am, walking three to four hours to arrive at school,” said Zhao.
    “I was thinking that it would be great if I could invent a pair of shoes which could do the running for the kids.”
    Zhao says it has cost him the equivalent of £10,000 over the last four years to create and patent his electric shoes.
    “The shoes can run continuously for three hours. For long distances, the rider can carry spare batteries with them,” he added. “The design is actually very simple. It’s just a pair of trainers, a pair of 12V batteries and two skates.
    “It’s quite easy to master. You have to lean your body forward but once you are moving you just have to keep your balance and direction.”