Ify Is John Dumelo’s New GirlFriend


    John Dumelo

    We are all aware that John Dumelo is one of the Ghana film industry’s hot properties, not only is he a favourite amongst the majority of the Ghanaian population (especially the ladies), but he also has a number of top films under his belt- certifying his position as one of Ghana’s most talented and handsome actors.
    Therefore, it is no surprise that most of the female population want a piece of this man. Mr Dumelo has been linked with a host of ladies since becoming a prominent face in Ghanaian films; some of his rumoured alleged conquests have included former co-stars such as Yvonne Nelson, and unknowns such as a female called Nnenda (a Civil Engineering Graduate and the daughter of the Former President of Nigeria’s Bar Association).
    Once again, Mr Dumelo has been linked to a new love, this time, in the form of a half-Ghanaian and half-Nigerian young lady by the name of Ify.
    Ify is a Fabric Designer with her own company by the name of ‘Ada-Esi Fabrics’, a source exclusively revealed to GhanaCelebrities.Com how she was present when Ify was talking on the phone to her ‘boyfriend’- none other than Mr Dumelo – during a fabric exhibition held in Nigeria, on 29th of December.
    On several occasions before the said phone call, Ify had referred to Mr Dumelo as her ‘boyfriend’, and during the phone conversation- which was to enable John to briefly speak to some of his fans- she frequently called him ‘baby’, “my baby”. The source stated that although John was not present at the exhibition, there was a stand featuring only his pictures and designs.
    Before the criticisms regarding the authenticity of this source begins, our source currently in Nigeria told us that, Ify and her share a mutual friend, who revealed to the source that Ify’s Blackberry profile picture is a picture of her and John together and has on numerous occasions referred to John Dumelo as her man.
    Following these latest revelations, GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted John Dumelo to hear what he had to say about these latest rumours. Although Mr Dumelo did confirm that he is currently in a relationship, he also made it clear that it was not with anyone called Ify. He mentioned that Ify is a mere friend to him.
    Source: ghanacelebrities.com