Tony Aidoo: Dishonest NPP ‘Chop Ghana, Not Small But Big’


    The Head of the Policy Monitoring and Evaluation team of government has mounted a vehement defence of the ruling NDC which has been criticized for non-performance.
    Dr. Tony Aidoo told Joy News the criticisms by the opposition New Patriotic Party is a pack of lies which falls flat in the face of bare facts. The New Patriotic Party with its Chairman Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey are least impressed with the performance of the government.
    Mr Obetsebi-Lamptey said Mills administration is pregnant with vindictiveness, corruption and is performing way below par. He cited among other things the killings in Agblogbloshie which he said was undertaken under the full glare of the police shortly after the NDC assumed office and yet nothing has been done about it even though the culprits are known by the powers that be.
    But in reaction Mr. Tony Aidoo told Joy FM the charges by the NPP are tramped up and have no basis. He said the eight year NPP administration witnessed the worst form of political vindictiveness which saw four of its political opponents being jailed in two years of the NPP’s administration.
    On the economy, Mr Aidoo said the NPP for eight years failed to meet any of its economic targets, something the NDC has done in two years. “In two years we have met every target that they have set themselves in eight years and never did. They never balanced the economy; they have constant deficits even to the point of balance of trade accounts deficits for four consecutive years.”
    These failures, he said are indelible in spite of the increasing taxation, HIPC benefits and debt forgiveness the NPP benefited from. On corruption he said the NPP has provided no credible evidence and yet are accusing government appointees of corruption. “Since when did statements from former President Rawlings relating to corruption has constituted an incontrovertible evidence of corruption against a any government in this country?”
    He described the NPP as “dishonest people; inward looking politicians; people who came to chop Ghana not small but chop Ghana big.”
    On the contrary Dr. Aidoo said Mills’ record of achievement is there for all to see, citing a recent survey which named President John Mills as one of four best politicians in Africa.
    Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey in another response said the NPP functionaries are not in jail, not because of the magnanimity of President Mills but because the government has failed to win its numerous court cases it brought against the NPP members. There was no evidence and no basis for prosecution, he intimated.