“Machine To Increase Size Of Male Organ Is Dangerous”


    The device alleged of having the ability to increase the size of the male organ and breasts

    The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) has warned the general public to be careful about using devices which can allegedly enlarge and elongate the male sexual organ and the breast.
    The top picture is that of the device, imported and distributed in Ghana by a Chinese company, Tianshi. The picture below is that of the various sizes of cups that the customer using the machine would want his male sexual organ or breast to be.
    Below is the statement issued by FDB and signed by its Chief Executive, Dr. Stephen Opuni: “The Food and Drugs Board wishes to caution the general public about patronizing devices imported into the country purportedly designed to be used for the elongation of the male sexual organ and the breast.
    The public is hereby being warned that the devices have not been tested and approved by the FDB and hence their safety cannot be guaranteed. The devices, which are imported and distributed by a Chinese company by name Tianshi, located at East Legon, have cups of various sizes connected to a suction pump. The cups are fitted to the male organ or the breast and the pump activated to elongate the organ.
    The Penis Elongation device (Tien’s Male Cupping Kit) may be able to cause enlargement and elongation of the penis and short term sexual joy. However, in the long term, the penis will become very weak like mushroom and non-functional.
    The breast, if pumped with the breast enlargement device (Tien’s Women’s Clipping Kit), will result in the lactiferous duct becoming too long and this can lead to kinking of the duct as a result, milk produced in the breast will accumulate and lead to breast engorgement and eventual breast infection. Furthermore the Food and Drugs Board wishes to inform the general public that it has not approved any such medical devices and therefore this action of importing, selling and supplying medical devices without registering them with the Food and Drugs Board flouts Section 18 of the Food and Drugs Law, PNDCL 305B, which states that ‘No person shall manufacture, prepare, sell, supply, export or import into Ghana any cosmetic, medical device or household chemical unless the article has been registered with the Food and Drugs Board…’
    The Food and Drugs Board has meanwhile, directed Tianshi to halt the importation, distribution, supply, sale and usage of such devices and therefore advises anyone who has purchased such a device from Tianshi or any other distributor or importer to return it since the FDB will not deal kindly with anyone found using such unregistered medical devices.
    In pursuance of its mandate, the FDB further directs all companies or individuals who are either using, importing or supplying any unregistered medical device to immediately halt the practice and seek further directives from the Food and Drugs Board.
    The general public is advised to cooperate with the Food and Drugs Board by desisting from being subjected to any procedures and risks associated with the use of these devices and or purchasing any of these devices.
    Additionally, the FDB wishes to assure the general public of its readiness to ensure public health and safety at all times and therefore appeals to the general public to give any information on persons suspected to be in any practice that compromises public health and safety through any of the following contacts; 0244337235, 0244337252,0208204968 or 0244337245.”
    Source: Daily Dispatch