Tonto goes spiritual: Prays for patience


    Tonto in action...Guess what!

    It’s a new year and psychologists say there’s a high morale for change in the first quarter of every new year. This probably explains Tonto’s new resolve to seek divine intervention in her character flaw.
    Not that the recently turned controversial screen beauty is about to turn a new leaf – at least she’s yet to indicate so, however the Petrol Chemical Engineer is admitting her flaw and seeking the face of the Lord. She confessed on twitter on the 3rd day of the year:
    “I wanna learn2 b patient*Itz a virtue I blv (believe) I dnt (don’t) possess but I also knw (know) dat u can’t b taught how2 B patient**I fink (think) dis tweet is 4 GOD*Lord teach mii**Muuaaahhh* “ — @Tontodike
    Well now that we know this actress’ secret petition, shall we spare her the next time she erupts on Twitter or in public? Wait a minute, are we sure Tonto isn’t asking God for patience just so she can suffer our criticism (or hypocrisy) of her porn movie roles just a bit longer, before she lashes out at us?
    For whatever reason is responsible for her petition, her was directed at God. Only that she probably forgot his handle, that’s all (lol).