Party Structures Would Decide Candidate For 2012 – President Mills


    President John Evans Atta Mills on Friday said the structures of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) would have to decide who would lead the party to the 2012 elections.
    He said, however, he would be very satisfied to have served God and delivered on his promise to Ghanaians at the end of his first term. President Mills made the statement in reaction to a question as to whether he would be satisfied to be a one-term president, as criticisms swarmed in from some critics of his administration. He was addressing a media encounter dubbed Editors’ Forum, attended by senior journalists and editors, at the Osu Castle, in Accra.
    President Mills, who has declared 2011 as Action Year to build on the foundation laid on the first two years of his administration, said Ghanaians would see for themselves the projects during the year. Asked of his chance of success at the next elections, President Mills said Ghanaians would be better judges of his performance, adding, “I’ve learned not to mark my own scripts.”
    President Mills, who appeared hale and hearty and stood for more than one-and-a-half hours answering questions with clarity of voice from media persons, said apart from problems of his voice, he had no health problems. He wondered on a light note why some Ghanaian journalists had instantly become physicians to diagnose and pass comments on his health. President Mills acknowledged the wealth of experience from former President Jerry Rawlings and welcomed his criticisms.
    President Mills said his Administration recognized December 31, as the birthday of the ruling NDC and would encourage members to take part in its celebrations if they decided to do so. The President also answered questions on the drug situation to which reference was made in recent Wikileaks cables on Ghana and debunked allegations that he indicted some members of his Administration. “I never accused any of my colleagues of being in the drug business,” President Mills said, adding he would have given them up if he knew any of them was in that business.
    He said following briefs he received on the drug situation, he expressed reservations on the matter and instructed that a scanner was put at the airport and make everyone go through checks. President Mills said his Government had always acted in protection of the national interest and expressed the need to strengthen the drug laws.
    On the trial of former political office holders on alleged corruption, President Mills said investigations were still underway. President Mills asked if corruption allegations warranted putting those political office holders to firing squad and shooting them.