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Ex-Sports Minister: Sports Journalists Were Bribed To Oust Me From Office

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Akua Sena Dansua has issued a venomous parting shot at Ghanaian sports journalists in the country claiming they were bribed to oust her from office.
Her shocking outburst came hours after she was replaced as the Ghana sports minister after government reshuffle on Tuesday.
She had rough ride in charge of the sensitive sector with heavy media criticism of her modus operandi.
With a US$50,000 World Cup budget for media relations during the tournament still unaccounted for, her relationship with the media turned sour.
Dansua has taken charge of the tourism ministry but insists sports journalist were given kickbacks to destroy her reign insisting she will excel in her new post
“I know that some of you were paid money to destroy me in this ministry but I have survived it, so let me go in peace,” Dansua said on Citi FM in Accra.
“You will see what I will do in this new ministry.”
Dansua pointed the finger at sports journalists at Citi FM but refused to name names when pressed by the presenter.
“I won’t mention names, they know themselves…some of them are at Citi FM,” the new Ghana tourism said.
“I am not a small girl, I am not a novice in this game, and as I said I won’t mention any names. If you ask me a hundred times I won’t mention names.”
Dansua, who is a trained journalist and worked with the Ghanaian Times as Features Editor, says the profession has been thrown to the dogs.
“When I was doing Journalism where were they [Sports Journalists]?,” Dansua asked.
“The kind of Journalism they are doing today is not what we were taught in the school of Journalism, they should learn to respect people.
“People have built their credibility over the years and so small boys cannot sit on radio and destroy us…I will not mention any names.”
Her outburst will win her few media friends even as she takes her the less sensitive tourism ministry.

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