Candidate Sensitive Is Now President Insensitive


    During the 2008 rancorous Presidential elections, a lot of promises were made by both the NDC Presidential candidate then, and now the President of our country, President Atta Mills and NPP Presidential candidate, Nana Akuffo Addo to win the votes of the electorates.
    The one that stuck in my memory was when President Mills promised the electorates that, he will reduce the price of petrol if he was elected the President of Ghana. I remember very well when candidate Mills then accused the President at the time, John Agyekum Kuffour of being insensitive to the plight of the masses because the price of petrol which was then about 5.15 cedis a gallon when a barrel of petrol was being sold at $147.00 has not been reduced when the price of a barrel was reduced to about $128.00and President Kuffour’s administration
    did not reduce the price of a gallon of petrol. President Mills, according to some people even promised to reduce the price of a gallon of petrol to 2.00 cedis when a barrel of petrol was at $128.00 and this won him a lot of converts to his ‘petrolpolitics’ gimmicks.
    President Mills rode on this populist promises to power and immediately after assuming office, reduced the price of petrol by about ten pesewas. Folks, that was not the kind of reduction the poor masses were looking for but even before the people can say ‘Jack’, our Mr sensitive President ‘jacked’ the prices up by
    30 pesewas,President sensitive showed Ghanaians what was in store for them.
    Fast forward to the year 2011, a year we are just babying to infancy to know how to recognise the mother’s scent, a year Agya Atta the President promised to be an action year, an action year Ghanaians interpreted to mean things are going to be a little bit easier economically for them, but ‘boy oohh boy’, President
    sensitive “ADAADAA YEN PAA”. We were deceived to pray, we opened our eyes to the heavens, opened our mouths wide, tilted our heads upwards waiting for manna to be poured into them and what did we get? President sensitive poured a bucketful of pepper into our eyes with his 30% increase in the price of petrol.
    This is a challenge to the NDC Einsterns and loudmouths to explain this to me. Commrades, whip out your calculators and let’s see how sensitive and ‘socialistics’ you folks are. NDC, trying to deceive the masses did not come out and tell us how much a gallon of petrol is going to be sold, rather it tried to deceive Ghanaians again by telling us that, a price of petrol will cost 1.52 a liter. Hey, I live in USA where we still buy petrol in gallons and even the last
    time I was in Ghana, March of 2008, I bought my petrol at old Tafo Goil always in gallons, so why are we not being told how much we are going to pay for a gallon of petrol? The ‘charlie wate’, joromi wearing akpeteshie drinking socialists now have a taste of Italian suits and shoes and a drinking taste of fine French wines and scotch, they’ve forgotten their promises.
    Thanks to google, this is what I found out about this liter babbles. “To convert US gallons to liters, multiply gallons by 3.79; to convert liters to gallons, multiply liters by 0.26; hence, 3.79 liters make a US gallon. Roughly, 3.8. However, if you are asking about the British or Imperial gallon: To convert British gallons to liters, multiply gallons by 4.54; to convert liters to British gallons, multiply liters by 0.22; hence, 4.54 liters make a British gallon.”
    4.5 liters equals one gallon so if a liter is 1.52, that means a gallon of petrol is about 6.75 cedis, what a shame and trickery by President Mills.When a barrel of gallon was being sold at $147.00 a barrel in 2007 and the NPP administration sold a gallon of petrol at 5.15 cedis, it was President Mills, then candidate Mills who said NPP was insensitive to the masses. A barrel of petrol has not even reach 100.00 dollars and we are paying 1.60 cedis more than when oil was being sold at $147.00 A BARREL. Can NDC explain this to Ghanains
    after flummoxing them with lies.
    This is a great failure on this administration for selling a gallon of petrol at almost $5.00 A GALLON. SO if the price of a barrel of gallon is to reach $147 as it was in 2007, how much will Mills be selling a gallon of petrol to Ghanaians? 10.00 CEDIS? This is plain ridiculous by this Mills administration which has been highly inane and chimeric, a waste of four years with devastating economic policies.
    Source: Sarpong, Justice