Sasha advocates private airline for entertainers



    If you’re one of those plane passengers who get excited when flying with a celebrity, be informed that such ‘privileges’ may soon be short lived if rapper Sasha’s dream should come true.
    Following the characteristic mad rush that besieges all forms of transportation during festive seasons- and especially end of year, rapper Yetunde Alabi is advocating a way out for a ‘special’ sect of people: Entertainers.
    “Maybe we need an airline strictly for entertainers…hmmmm soul plane or pigeon plane? Air traffic is seriously needing a Brt (BRT) lane!” -Friday
    Without much pondering, her tweet must have been informed by the constant annoying hours of flight delays and cancellations that usually reach a crescendo in the last month of the year.
    With hundreds of people travelling around for pleasure competing for seats on same planes, the rapper probably feels there should be an airline specifically devoted to catering for musicians and actors who move around with their entourages on business trips. Do you concur?