Political leaders urged to stop the blame game in 2011


    The Reverend Father Oscar Amoah, Priest in-charge of the Saint Mary’s Anglican Church at Chirapatre, Kumasi, has urged the leadership of political parties to stop the blame game and find common ground to move the nation forward in 2011.
    He said political leaders should draw useful lessons from past mistakes to avoid repeating them and accept to work together to make things better.
    Delivering a New Year message at a watch-night service, Rev Father Amoah also called on Ghanaians to bury their differences and ensure genuine national reconciliation.
    Quoting from the Holy Bible (Philippians 3:13), he said “As we begin a new year, let us like Saint Paul, manage to strive to forget what is behind us and do our best to reach what is ahead.”
    He spoke against bribery and corruption, laziness, absenteeism and lackadaisical attitude towards work.
    Rev Father Amoah said even though people could not tell with certainty what year 2011 held for them, there was the assurance that “they are journeying in an unknown year with an all-knowing God, who never changes.”
    He called on all to strengthen their relationship with God to enjoy His abundant grace.