Relationship: How To Make Your Man Love You


A woman who is greatly loved by her man feels on top of the world. Everything around her, including her work, friends, and relatives, feels good to her.
On the other hand, a woman, who is not loved, can develop many physical, emotional and mental challenges. Her work output, social balance and everything about her sinks with her. It is therefore the greatest wish of every woman to be cherished and loved by her man.
How to make your man love you
Respect, your man: Respect is the greatest need of a man. You must therefore give him all the respect you can, irrespective of your age, talent and wealth.
Show affirmation and admiration to get the best out of him. Let him feel good about himself. Recognize his strength and praise him for them. “The success of your relationship revolves round the trust your man has for you. The more he trusts you, the more he opens up to you. Trust however takes time.
Guard his confidence: Let what he says stay with you.
Be faithful and honest. Always remember that what a man finds most unforgivable is an unfaithful wife.
You must avoid constant nagging and criticism.
Accept him the way he is with his flaws. He may make mistakes but give him the chance to learn. If you feel strongly that what he is doing is wrong, point it to him but in a loving manner. Ask for forgiveness even when a bad issue may not be completely your fault. Men hate to lose.
Your man thrives on his role as a head and provider. Ask him to do small tasks for you, because a man gets great emotional fulfillment as he solves problems of his lover.
You must however avoid being mean, demanding and completely independent on him. You must also avoid bragging about your competence and independence because they threaten his self esteem.
A man wants to take credit for your happiness and progress. Show him you are dependent on him and he makes you happy. Be his cheerleader.
Make time for your man, and get his attention. Invest time in your man. Show interest in what he says and let him know you care about his opinion. Men love women who are easy to get along.
Be yourself: It is important you don’t change just to please him. Be proud of who you are. If he does not like your personality, he does not like you. Keep your own interest, passion and friends. Be active and independent. Be full of confidence in yourself.
Be attractive: Men are visual animals who are greatly motivated by the beautiful things they see. On the other hand, poor personal care depresses men even to the point of impotence.
You must therefore pay attention to your appearance and look your best around your man. He must be proud to introduce you to his friends.
The fact that your man does not verbally express your beautiful appearance does not mean he does not appreciate you. Men love to remain unpredictable by keeping quiet. He loves what he sees but will not say it. Men!
Give him space: A man has moments of distance and closeness. He may avoid you to look inside him no matter how much he loves you. He may even prefer to go with friends of the opposite sex. Show emotional maturity. Avoid jealousy and treading his vulnerable areas. If there is something he does not want to talk about, give him time. He will open up at the right time but the more you force him for answers, the more he withdraws from you.
Can you make your man love you?
You can’t force your man to love you but you can create an environment for him to love you. If you treat him like a king, he will treat you like a queen because he can only respond to what you do and say. Trigger a feeling of love in a man and he will draw himself into it. If you want your man to fall in love with you each day, take the first step. Love him each day and he will love you each day.
Source: John Boakye [email: [email protected]] The Mirror