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Expresso Promises Innovative Products


Expresso Telecom, the only Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) operator in Ghana says it will be completely different from its predecessor, Kasapa in ways that mobile subscribers have not witnessed in the country before.
The Marketing Manager of Expresso Ghana, Frederick Quainoo said in Accra on Tuesday that Kasapa used to do things in very small ways, but Expresso was going to do big things in Ghana and offer Ghanaians innovative servic es and big events.
“We are about to unleash products, services and events that Ghanaians have never seen before in this country,” he stated.
Kasapa hardly did any big events or promotions in Ghana, but Mr Quainoo said those days were over.
He said the CDMA technology allows for extended coverage and superior voice quality and Expresso has the capacity to deliver products and services to Ghanaians that were true value for money and the way telecom service was supposed to be.
Expresso is the title sponsor for this year’s Joy FM Night with the Stars, and Mr Quainoo says Ghanaians can expect more from Expresso in that direction.
Mr Qauinoo said the company was yet to launch its big nationwide promotion, but already the company had installed enough equipment to provide nationwide congestion-free coverage, and was also providing dual SIM phones in collaboration with rLG Phones.
“Our dual SIM phones are the r221 and r222 among the rLG R-series phones, and they are already on the market,” he said.
Mr Quainoo said the dual SIM phones allow users to access CDMA services on Expresso and GSM services from any of the GSM providers in the country.
Expresso had also introduced what is arguably one of the fastest internet dongles in the country.
Mr Quainoo said the dongle dubbed, ‘CLIQ’ is designed to put the world at the fingertips of users, stressing that one click takes the user straight to what he or she was searching for on the web.
“The added value CLIQ brings is that in most cases, the service is available in the office and also at home, and the user experiences the same quality,” he said.
He added that the unique speed of CLIQ is as a result of the superiority of CDMA Evolution Data Optimized (EVDO) revision, which is a technology that powers Expresso’s network.
Mr Quainoo urged Ghanaians to use CLIQ, saying it offers reliable, stable and secure internet connection with real time video streaming, calls and SMS functions and downloading and running of video clips in real time.
Meanwhile, checks on the Expresso Group website revealed a wide range of possible products and services that Expresso Ghana intends to introduce in Ghana in the near future.
Currently, the company operates in Mauritania, Senegal, Nigeria, Guinea and Ghana.

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