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Nana Addo Imposes Ms Ursula Owusu on Ablekuma South???


This is a candid question on the minds of everyone from Ablekuma South. We love our flagbearer, no doubt and want him to be the next president in 2012. We believe he stands tall above President John Evans Atta Mills, his ever divided party and its hollow “Better Ghana Agenda”.
But we have a problem. We hear Nana Addo wants Ms Ursula Owusu to be the Member of Parliament for Ablekuma South. This is not hearsay, but a revelation that came to light at a Womens’ Wing meeting on the 10th December 2010. The National Headquarters of the New Patriotic Party has written to every constituency, including Ablekuma South about campaigning for one candidate or the other, until it[National HQ of NPP], opens nominations. But this order is being flouted by some of the constituency executives in Ablekuma South.
It seems for all the court action and acrimony that plagued the constituency, resulting in the inability of that constituency to participate in the flagbearership elections of 7 August 2010, that section of the executive is strongly spearheading the candidature of Ms Ursula Owusu. One of such is the Constituency Organiser, afectionately known as “Abu Rasta”. They would organise a meeting of the membership and shortly after they[“Abu Rasta” and his goons] leave the meeting, Ms Ursula Owusu would turn up to address the
gathering. It has been detected as a ploy to always get Ms Ursula Owusu to address party delegates in the area, with the view to win them.
This Womens’ wing meeting on the 10th December 2010 was no different. But Ms Ursula Owusu would have the gathering believe that she’s the candidate of choice. She told the gathering that Nana Addo asked her to “come to Ablekuma South to help the constituency and that is why she wants to be their Member of Parliament”. Many in the gathering were clearly very displeased. They were not happy because it
looked like an imposition for a start by Nana Addo, the flagbearer and Leader of the party and more, the ban on such campaigning had not been lifted. Again, there are other names known to be interested in this seat, who have not been given the same privilege of addressing such gatherings.
We know that a Mr Osei is very interested. John Boadu, former National Youth Organiser has been linked to being interested as well as Ben Brown – a past contestant at the primaries of Ablekuma South in 2008, Mr Bart Plange, Francis Kojo Smith, a prominent Lawyer who was the candidate at the last elections in 2008, a Mr. Derek rumoured to be from London, though he is yet to declare and Mr Charles Biney,
who was one of the contestants that challenged Ben Brown and Francis Kojo Smith at the party’s primaries.
We also know the former Attorney General Nii Ayikoi Otoo was also interested, though that is also not a very strong possibility. We also hear there are 2 others very interested but are yet to come forward. Mr Ben Brown, Mr Osei, Mr Charles Biney and Mr Bart Plange in addition to Ms Ursula Owusu are known to have openly declared their interest in the seat. We would therefore exepct them all to be given an equal
crack at the seat.
This is democracy and everyone should be given an equal chance to get the seat. Why is Ms Ursula Owusu going about telling us that she is the candidate that Nana Addo wants?? If that’s true, then this is very unfortunate. Nana Addo cannot tell us who we should choose. Try as we do, we don’t think Nana Addo will impose anyone on anybody, least of all Ablekuma South. We have had our fair share of troubles and would want someone who understands our troubles and passion.
If indeed, it is Ms Ursula Owusu, then it is all well and good, but the last thing we would welcome will be the preferential treatment being offered Ms Ursula Owusu at the moment. It is also rumoured, though not proven that the Constituency Organiser[Abu Rasta] has the blessing of the the Constituency Chairman, Mr Theophilus Tetteh. We would like to think it is untrue because the Chairman is a
very good person and understands the risks in doing so.
We would advise the constituency executives and others to give a fair platform to everyone and to wait till the ban on such activities is lifted by the National Office[of the NPP]. Already, there are also some rumours with names implicated in a $20,000 money
giveaway by one candidate to another.
We can’t prove the source of the rumour neither can we establish who the money has been claimed to have been given by. We continue to keep our eyes and ears to the ground, but any such attempts will be strongly resisted by us. We also want Nana Addo, who we were told by his office is out of the country, but were not specific where, to condemn/deny such a claim by Ms Ursula Owusu and any such underhand techniques, to gain an upperhand in the minds of the delegates.
Initially, we knew she was going to Adenta, where she lives. How she turns up in Ablekuma South is a mystery to all of us. We love Ablekuma South, we love the NPP, the last thing we would want is to have a
division in the ranks. Already, this is brewing and it will allow the NDC to perpertrate their theft of the ballot and retain the seat if these unfortunate events are allowed to continue.
Thank You…
Source: Nii Quartei

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