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My grouse with Gov. Akapabio – Christy Essien- Igbokwe


Christy Essien

Few weeks back, former PMAN President and Lady of songs Christy Essien-Igbokwe turned 50. It was celebration galore as industry stake holders  lined up to pay homage to the woman who first made name as an actress before venturing into music.
The sour point of the celebration that marked her attainment of age was the congratulatory advert placed in her honour in some national dailies by the Governor of her home State, Akwa Ibom Governor Godswill Akapabio.
I’m aware you have a problem with the Akwa Ibom State Governor, surprisingly, I saw this advert on the pages of a national daily congratulating you on your 50th birthday. Did they consult you before doing that?
I was shocked too. But the truth must always be told. I’m a very truthful person and nothing will make me tell lies.
I was busy entertaining my guests till about 11pm on that day I got a call from a fellow who refused to tell me his name.
He asked if I saw the congratulatory message in the Compass Newspaper.
I said no, because I was busy entertaining my guests. He asked me how the celebration was going and I said well. He was asking questions as if he’s a journalist.
He said I should ignore the Governor’s advert because he didn’t mean well. If he (Governor) meant well, did he phone to wish you a happy birthday? I said no.
Do you mean that till now, his Excellency hasn’t called you?
No. I think he wants to receive God’s punishment.
But do you have any problem with him?
I did good things to Governor Akpabio and if he says otherwise, let him say where and how I’ve done him harm.
I don’t blow my trumpet, I did a lot of good things for Governor Akpabio but he’s the one that has wronged my family because he lied against me. He lied that machines I supplied to the Akwa Ibom State government long before he assumed office was bad.
If you bought the machine, you’ll end up overhauling it in the first two years. The government didn’t do that. And for more than five years nobody bothered to.
Five years after the machines were installed, we wrote to the female General manager of the government owned printing company stating that the machines were five years old and that they should overhaul it.
They replied by asking our company to send in quotation for the job.
And we wrote but till today, we’re yet to get any response from them. The machine was still working and it never broke down for one second. In fact when a new GM took over from the woman, the newspaper went daily.
But when Prof.Godfrey came into power, he changed that man who had gone daily and put Silas Udoh there. It was the said Udoh who alleged that the machines were no good.
It was mere  propaganda because my husband was close to the former Governor.
And is it true he went as far as reporting you to the State House of Assembly?
Yes. One thing Akpabio failed to realise is that my people love me. The few people who hate me do so because of the Governor. And unfortunately for him, some of them call to tell me what he plans every time against me.
When my elder brother died, I refused to go home for the burial because they had planned to kidnap me using my niece. Gold told me not to go home and when I insisted, he put me in a financial crisis. I was so broke that I couldn’t feed my family.
What if he calls you to beg for forgiveness?
He’s not going to beg because God has me told he won’t

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