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This Is Not My Buttocks – John Dumelo


John Dumelo

After publishing the article on the upcoming vulgar centred movie “ Hidden Passion”, I had a call from John Dumelo who said, he does not remember shooting any revealing sex scene like seen in the movie.
As the trailer flows with a deliberate effort not to show the face of the person showing his butt which comes just after John Dumelo’s sex scene , it is clear that the producers want us to believe it is John’s back side and that is exactly what I did.
I am therefore changing the title of the article until we are able to reach the producers and ascertain whose backside it is in the trailer. I will refer to the person showing his hairy butt as “Mr Nobody” until the producers come out to tell us who it really is in that scene.
If it was a scene cut from another movie just to be fixed in “Hidden Passion” to represent John Dumelo, then as I apologize to John Dumelo for the mixed-up, the producers should also make their
John Dumelo doing his own thing In New Movie "Hidden Passion"

way to him to equally apologize. Even though John Dumelo was engaged in some sex scenes in the movie, he said ” the butt is not his, that scene is not him”, and he does not know where that came from…
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