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Sunday, January 16, 2022

SRC executive accuses Mills of being silent on POTAG strike


An executive member of the Wa Polytechnic SRC has accused President Mills of being silent on the POTAG strike currently bedeviling polytechnics across the country.

Ms. Kariama, who happens to be the Women’s Commissioner of the SRC, told Joy News that students have been seriously affected by the lectures’ strike, leaving many students with no choice than to just loiter around.

The Women’s Commissioner stated that apart from boredom, a lot of students have been hit with a number of challenges including difficulties in feeding themselves.

“We are very bored at home, we are hungry…some of us are not from here…we are feeding ourselves, things are not easy for us, so we can’t imagine being at home [and] not attending lectures for almost a month and feeding ourselves…it has not been easy out there.”

Ms. Kariama further stated that several activities earmarked for the semester have been stalled due to the POTAG strike.

The Women’s Commissioner added that some guardians have started expressing worry at the situation, highlighting the fact that there is a lot of expectations on the part of some students to secure jobs in order to support their families financially.

She hoped that President Mills will intervene to save the situation just as he did in the case of the UTAG strike.

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