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Friday, January 21, 2022

BRF endorses 9ice


9iceAs preparations for 2011 elections heighten and with the Lagos state governor fully confirmed for a return bid, what smarter way is there to getting into the governor’s good books than recording him a song.

Yes, the governor has a history of performance so why not? Anyway smart singer 9ice has kick started things with a single he released online and tweeted about. The young man even dared to wish aloud on twitter.

@Real9ice Abolore Akande
How I wish Babatunde Raji Fashola is (sic) the president. Watch out for the next single for BRF in a couple of minutes – Tuesday, Nov 2

By Wednesday, the governor reciprocated the gesture with a mention in his tweet

9ICE sings for Babatunde Fashola BRF
We do not know if the singer was contracted to record the endorsement or if the governor has reciprocated in some other way than by a tweet. But we do know that the single is titled Éko oni baje’ and that is all we can say for now.

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