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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

AshGold CEO Kwadwo Fiano: I Will Not Contest For GFA Presidency


CEO of Obuasi based Ashanti Gold FC Kwadwo Fiano has dismissed media reports of his intention to contest the Presidency of the Ghana Football Association.

The former GHALCA capo believes its not yet time for him to ascend the GFA throne especially when in his opinion the ‘Guy’ at the helm is doing a great job.

“I have no intention of running for the GFA presidency. I have no idea where these reports are coming from,” Fiano said.

“In my opinion, Ghana football has seen a significant amount of progress since Kwasi Nyantakyi ascended the throne and therefore i support him.

“We have been to two World Cups with a progression in each of them and narrowly missed out on winning the African Cup to Egypt under Nyantakyi’s administration.

“I am not saying its the perfect situation but i believe he has a winning team and you don’t change that,” Fiano added.

Fiano boldly threw his weight behind the current president saying if he were a delegate in the elections, he will definitely cast his vote for Nyantakyi.

“I will surely vote and urge anyone i have influence over to vote in the direction of Nyantakyi.

“I believe the current president stands tall among his competitor for now, Vincent Odotei,” he said.

Fiano however opened himself for a possible General Secretary position saying: “I am ready to serve in that capacity whenever i am called to.”

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