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Was Kwame Nkrumah A ‘Ganja’ Smoker?


AyisobaVideos have become effective tools for marketing music these days and in his collection titled Kologo Spirit, award-winning artiste King Ayisoba

claims that ‘ganja’ is a great healing heart and that was why legends like Bob Marley, Fela Anikula-Kuti, Joseph ‘Culture’ Hill and Kwame Nkrumah all loved it.

The video collection was produced by Panji Anoff for Pidgin Music and was launched at Sand Gardens, Bolganta a few weeks. In the Talking Taba piece, the fiddler from Bongo Soe in the Upper East Region is seen pulling on a big roll of ganja and exhaling smoke. He then says the stuff gives ideas for people to do good things and that he has been smoking for about 25 years. See, people like Bob Marley, Culture, Fela, JJ Rawlings, Kwame Nkrumah – They are legends but they smoke.

We smoke to create, to get ideas to do something better. When I smoke and I take my guitar, I see what is going to happen and use that to create music. So ‘taba’ is medicine for me. I don’t smoke it to do bad things.

The videos generally tell Ayisoba’s life story from his childhood when he started playing the ‘kologo’ instrument till now when he has become a household name in the country and beyond. He has the opportunity to narrate his beginnings with music through snippets of interviews with Pusher, a Bolga-based disc jockey. He is filmed singing and playing his instrument at locations in his home village and in Bolgatanga, Accra and Denmark.

According to Ayisoba, the collection is called Kologo Spirit because he feels a certain creative spirit inhabits the Kologo because he becomes galvanized whenever be picks it up to play. Also in the collection are songs from his two previous albums. Ayisoba who has collaborated with Artiste such as Becca, Shegee and the late Terry Bonchaka, won three awards incurring the Most Popular Song of the year at the 2007 edition of the Ghana Music Awards. He has since travelled in Africa, America and Europe to play his catchy blend of traditional and contemporary music.

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