Honduran Government In The Swing Of Things

The Honduran government is certainly getting into the swing of things with the World Cup about to kick-off on Friday.

This is only Honduras’ second appearance in the global showpiece since 1982 and the government is not letting it slip by unnoticed.

With all the talk of patriotism surrounding the World Cup and the specific nations competing, the Honduras Government have in the true spirit of the festival approved a work schedule that allows 200,000 public employees time off their jobs to watch the national team in action in South Africa.

The government has also urged private enterprises to do the same in order to promote a sense of patriotism and more importantly happiness within the work place.

Africo Madrid, the government minister in charge of the changes, said on Tuesday that employees would not have to begin work until 10:00 a.m. local time on June the 16th when Honduras plays Chile in their opening match of the tournament. The match begins early in the morning, Honduran time.

Honduras will also face Spain on June the 21st and Switzerland on June the 25th.

Matches on those days begin in the early afternoon, Honduran time. On those days employees will be released at 11:30 a.m.