We Want Justin Bieber’s Babies


According to Russ, the couple have “bad Bieber fever” and the funnyman has a theory of how he can grow his own version – in a jar. “Me and my fiancée love him,” he admitted while appearing as a guest co-host on E! show, Daily 10.

“We want our own Justin Bieber. We can’t have the actual one because he’s busy with his work. “I understand he procreates by laying eggs in the sea and then we can fertilise these eggs and have our own Justin Biebers. “We could grow Justin Bieber in a jar like sea monkeys.” The Get Him to the Greek star also used the opportunity to offer relationship advice to unlucky-in-love stars JENNIFER ANISTON and KIM KARDASHIAN.

Asked what Friends star Jen “needs in her life”, Russ answered: “It seems to me that she’s a strikingly beautiful and talented human being and you shouldn’t look for Salvation through love. “You should look for it within yourself and your relationship with a higher power.”
On Kim, the show’s host CATT SADLER asked Rus to name a suitable partner for her. “Whoever she wants,” he replied. “I want Kim to be free.” After being told Kim had “a thing” for Russ’s boy Justin Bieber, he screamed: “What? My little Justin?

“Keep away, Kim. I’ll neutralise you with my doctor mitts.” And we don’t want to know where they’ve been.