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Monday, December 6, 2021

David Osei Dumps Nana Addo


There is a dramatic change in the NPP flagbearship race as the former Ashanti regional spokesperson for Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, Mr. same David Osei has asked the

delegates to vote massively for Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng in the coming delegates congress of the party.

He said “I have decided to throw my support for Alan and to work assiduously to ensure that he is chosen by the delegates to lead the great NPP party to recapture power blown away in the last election. I strongly believe now that our dear party will only return to power if Alan Kyeremanteng is chosen as the flagbearer on the grounds that he is the only aspiring candidate who poses the quality and leadership that can return the party to power”.

In a news release over the weekend David Osei said that Alan Kyeremanteng is the only aspirant who can bring back hope not only to the NPP party but to Ghanaians in general. He said that he believes in Alan Kyeremanteng’s quest for job creation, empowerment of the youth for national development and strengthening the party structure at all levels.

Mr. David Osei further stated that Mr. Kyeremanteng can win more votes by attracting floating voters and be a unifier. This change in trend goes a long way to confirm what the entire Ghanaian voters are requesting. Voters now want a man who can unite the nation and accelerate the developmental project needed. If this is the case then there is the need for you to tell your fellow Ghanaian that wie die se ye ton na a ye be to, literally meaning he is marketable.

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