‘Ghana’s preparation towards oil exploration is not the best’

Ghanaians have been advised not to think there are numerous jobs in the nation’s oil discovery.

Due to this, those who would want to undertake educational course in oil management have been cautioned to be wary of various educational institutions that have sprout up in the name of offering people courses in the oil and gas sector.

The Director of Kumasi Institute of Technology and Environment (KITE), Ishmael Edjekumhene, who gave the caution in an interview with Asempa News, revealed that “what most people know is that there are job opportunities in the oil and gas sector, but the available job is not up to six hundred and even this, only three hundred belongs to Ghanaians and if people take the initiative and specialized themselves in the oil sector, they may end up adding to those who are already in the system and cannot get jobs to do”.

He explained that people should ensure that they train themselves in accredited institutions.

“Such educational institutions need accreditation from GNPC and API” and without that, these people may throw their monies away.

Mr. Edjekumhene added that, it seems Ghana’s preparations towards the exploration of oil and gas is not adequate as it’s supposed to be.

This he said is due to the late presentations of the Petroleum Revenue Management Bill which suppose to be before cabinet by now.

“All the laws governing the oil sector should have been ready by now. It should have been out for people to be reading them.

If it’s true we shall be drilling oil in the last quarter of the year 2010, then things are late”, Mr. Edjekumhene explained.

He urged the Government to provide the needed resources to the respective government agencies to monitor the oil and gas when exploration begins. “Government must do what is expected of him from the oil industry. We should think of the future generation and not now.

Those who would be involved in the sector must understand what they are doing in order for them to do their work effectively”, Mr. Edjekumhene advised.

Story by Maame Biamah Akwafo