‘I Am Not Scared Of Miss World’


Mimi Areme - Miss GhanaIN ABOUT 6 months, the world will once again witness the most spectacular beauties from all over the world, as they gather on the

Miss World stage.

The 60th edition of the pageant is scheduled for October and November 2010, possibly in Vietnam, and Miss Ghana 2009, Mimi Areme, is psyching herself for the big platform.

The slender lady, who annexed the Miss Ghana crown in September last year, says she is preparing her body, mind and soul for the world’s most prestigious and largest beauty pageant, hoping to make a gigantic impact.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with BEATWAVES, Ms. Areme said she is not scared about the huge stage and the over 1000 audience and cameras from every corner of the globe.

“Once I was able to compete with beautiful girls on a national stage to really let Ghanaians know I really deserve the crown, I think wherever I go, I can still do my best. It depends on me and what I can do. I am not scared of anything.

Once you are scared, it brings your soul down and I am going there to make myself happy. We are going to have fun and make new friends. Whatever happens, it is for a reason,” she said.

She is optimistic about making a huge impact during the event and entreats Ghanaians to support her, saying “I will make an impact, a greater impact.

I am not saying I can’t win, because in cases like this, there are two chances. You can’t keep your hopes too high, neither should you underestimate yourself.

You just have to hope for the better. So all I will say is, I just hope I will make an impact and I am going to make an impact.

It all depends on you doing your homework well, you trying to understand yourself, you going out there to do your best.  Once you do your best, the whole world would know you have done your best.

Whether you win or you do not win, you’ve done your best.  That is you. So it is an impact you are making out there,” she added.

According to the beauty queen, she is not leaving any stone unturned as she is going about her project to rescue children from child trafficking, in collaboration with International Organization for Migration (IOM). Already, she said she has rescued 21 children who are currently under-going rehabilitation.

According to her, they are being given medical treatment and education, with some being reunited with their parents and others given financial support.

Some of the children were rescued at Kete-Krachie in the Volta Region, where child labour cases are on the ascendancy.

Ms. Areme is also taking a critical look her at the selection of clothes to use at the event, just as she is taking her time to learn the various Ghanaian cultural traditions she wants to exhibit at the event.

By Francis Addo