Amnesty International picks Wanlov’s song, ‘Just Like You’


Wanlov KubolorAmnesty International has selected Wanlov’s song, ‘Just Like You’ for their 2010 music compilation. Ten artistes from Africa were selected for the compilation.

He has also been selected out of more than 50 applicants/projects who applied for this year’s Spoken Word and Poetry Festival to take place in Paris, France. He wants to combine indigenous instruments from Ghana and indigenous European instruments.

He will also closely look at the various resemblance in local instruments and foreign instruments like Goje and Violin, Xylophone and Piano, Kologo and their Mandolin ‘Guitar’.

He is excited about the project because it represents both his ancestral (Ashanti and Gypsy) backgrounds. The project which takes place at Cité des Arts near Paris, France will take him away from August 1 to November 1.

Wanlov Kubolor and his partner M3nsa, who together make up the FOKN Bois revealed that they are currently recording ‘FOKN with you’ an album they say is aimed at helping them “lose all our fans; we don’t even want one more fan in the world. We have songs like; Sexing Islamic girls, Jesus is coming, Laughing at cripples, Thank God we are not Nigerians and many others. All these songs are going to help us lose our fans because if you remove the fans then you can now bring in air-condition.”

The FOKN with you album he said, reveals the dark side of the FOKN Bois.

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu