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Oman Panyin Cautions K. K. Fosu


Oman Panyin is not a new name in the hip life industry in Ghana as he has paid all his dues to the industry which has helped him make fame and some small cash in his


The track which really catapulted Oman Panyin to the limelight was his album ‘Odo Woaa’ which was released in the year 2006/2007. The ‘Odo Woaa’ was the hit track on the album. ‘Odo Woaa’ featured the highly crooner K. K. Fosu who was hired and paid by Oman Panyin to add his voice to the song.

At the moment, all is not well with the two artistes who ruled the stages during the 2006 due to what can be ruled as “stealing” of ones intellectual property.

It can be recalled that almost all hip life artistes in Ghana moved camp to Kwahu during the Easter festivities to cheer up with their fans and also to rock the different stages which were mounted by the various event organizers. Though Oman Panyin and K. K. Fosu were in Kwahu, they were all working on different platforms.

It was on one of these platforms mounted by TV3 Music Music in Kwahu Mpraeso which had K. K Fosu on the bill to perform. K. K Fosu whiles performing on the Music Music stage performed Oman Panyins song ‘Odo Woaa’ to the delight of the audience who sang along with him through out the performance.

Oman Panyin told this paper that whiles K.K Fosu was live on the TV3 stage, he received many calls from friends and well wishers asking him why he had allowed K.K Fosu to perform his songs and especially on TV.

These informants alarmed Oman Panyin to find a nearby television to ascertain the truth and lo and behold, K.K was performing the song live on TV. All contacts to K. K were not going through but we got to Oman Panyin and he had this to say.

“In 2007, I received a call from Holland when someone informed me that K. K. Fosu was performing my songs on stage but I took it lightly on the note that may be he is helping to make the song popular. Moreover, even colleague musicians have also told me about the fact that K. K. Fosu has been performing the song on many of his European tours,” Oman Panyin revealed.

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