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Government should not pretend to be gathering information


It is an unpleasant truth that government has failed in the pursuit of peace in Bawku. It is believed that government’s provision of cars to Bawku-Naaba, Thomas Abilla (Bawku-

Naaba’s secretary) and Akalifa (a Mamprusis opinion leader) was a step towards reconciliation which has not seen any gains. None of these cars can be driven into town without security escort.

Gravely, the initiated inter-ethnic peace committee has equally come to nothing and government looks on helpless as members pronounced their withdrawal. And rather than become proactive, government is reactive. Reasonably, government’s reaction is a cover to its weaknesses. The multiple curfews cannot solve the problem of the long standing ethnic conflict in Bawku.

Perhaps the curfews and bans are to me, a registration of government’s dilemma on the issue.

I sadly decry government’s strategies especially the current ban on the use of motorbikes. Motor-mechanics and their apprentices are thrown out of job which can subtly lead into bad practices such as theft, smuggling and armed robbery. Such an envisaged situation, as only God knows, will only widen the rift in Bawku. And so government should overtly solve the problem rather than politic and dilly-dally with curfews and bans in the pursuit of peace in Bawku.

Ironically, most of the security tactics practiced in Bawku are not helpful as they are designed to promote conflict and mistrust. An instance for reference that beats my imagination is whether people caught by curfew should be escorted? My common intuition tells me that once you are caught by curfew especially at entry points or borders, you are mandated by law to sleep there till the next day. But the military rather break such a golden rule unprofessionally and escort people during curfew hours into Bawku. Well, if this unprofessional practice is provided for the entire people of Bawku, then no qualms, but to escort people during curfew hours from Cinkase (Togo) while others are made to sleep at borders or entry points at Binduri, Mognori and Kulungungu is a professional deficiency that needs to be checked.

To the issue of chieftaincy, government can achieve results by remaining proactive and enforcing the rule of law. Interestingly, the issue in Bawku has received several investigations and reports. Government should proceed with the implementation of the outcome of such investigations rather than allow them to gather dust.

Convincingly, if today’s leaders are not different from yesterday’s leaders, then there is nothing new in Bawku and all that today’s leaders must do is to support the rule of law.

Credit: Azumah Alhassan,
Bawku Municipal.

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