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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Yendi MCE returns from ‘exile’


The Municipal Chief Executive of Yendi who went on a self-imposed exile after threats was made on his life by foot soldiers of the National

Democratic Congress has returned to the municipality with a call on political leaders to adopt dialogue rather than violence in solving problems.

Speaking exclusively to Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng on his return, Mr Mahama Adama Welvis said he had been working closely with opinion leaders, founding members of his party as well as traditional leaders in order to bridge the gap and resolve the impasse which led to his ‘AWOL.’

Welvis was chased out by angry youth of the NDC who accused him of corruption and demanded his dismissal, failing which he would be killed.

After almost three weeks ‘underground’, the MCE returned telling Joy News the issues have been resolved.

“What it takes to make a good administration is for leaders to always sit and dialogue and not to take entrenched positions. You have your thoughts and others also have their thoughts. It is not all times that there shouldn’t be compromises. Occasionally there must be compromises.

“Again we can’t set our own rules. We have to work within local, regional, national as well international principles that govern,” he advised.

Mr Welvis said he as the chairman of the Municipal Security Council feels safe, having been able to maintain the peace in the area.

On the way forward for the Municipality, the MCE called for the partitioning of the Municipality into three broad municipalities to allow for easy administration.

Story by Nathan Gadugah

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