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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Parliament in a cover-up in Ho Central MP’s rape saga – Ursula Owusu


The Vice President of FIDA International, Ursula Owusu, is accusing Parliament of covering up for an MP accused of raping a twenty-three-year old woman.

The NDC leadership in Parliament have agreed to settle out of court allegations that the MP for Ho Central, Captain Nfodjuor, forcibly had repeated sex with a woman named only as Sylvia.

According to the woman, the MP repeatedly raped her under duress and on two occasions did so at gun point.

The case was heading to court, after police in Sakumono threatened to charge Sylvia with blackmail and deceit of public official.

But in a final twist of the tale, the Majority Chief Whip, George Kuntu Blankson, told Joy News they have agreed to intervene in the matter.

He told Joy News’ Sammy Darko the two parties have agreed to settle the matter amicably. Asked if the accused person had admitted the offence, the Deputy Majority Chief Whip said: “I asked him and he told me categorically the girl is his girlfriend. He had intimacy with her. The honourable member did not deny the fact that the girl is his intimate girlfriend.”

Sylvia, in a separate interview with Darko, also agreed to settle the matter amicably adding she is ready to forgive the MP.

But the Vice President of Fida International, who has been clamouring for a court action against the MP, is outraged at the turn of events.

She accused Members of Parliament of colluding to protect their own, charging “how many more people must suffer before the law takes it course.”

“…if this involving a high profile member of society, an honourable Member of Parliament is allowed to go, what moral right would we have to insist on the prosecution of say the carpenter or the mason who forces himself on some woman in a corner.”

As law makers the human right advocate would have preferred that the legislators would allow for the enforcement of the law they passed.

“Because it is one of their number, they closed ranks and are protecting him; In civilized countries this man who calls himself an honourable Member of Parliament would have resigned if he has any sense of decency,” she said.

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