Sipa Yankey will compel CHRAJ to hear him

Lawyers of former Health Minister Dr Sipa Yankey are unimpressed with the decision by the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to indefinitely

suspend hearing into the controversial Mabey and Johnson (M&J) bribery scandal.

Lead counsel Yaw Boateng Gyan says they will take all appropriate legal options for CHRAJ to hear and investigate the case of their client who, together with five ex-government officials, has been indicted for taking bribes from British construction firm Mabey and Johnson.

The anti-corruption institution was forced to truncate an investigation into the alleged bribery scandal due to a myriad of challenges raised by lawyers of the accused persons.

They contend that CHRAJ, per the country’s constitution, has no mandate to investigate bribery allegations against non-public officials.

Lawyers for the accused persons – Baba Kamara, Ato Quarshie, Kwame Peprah, Boniface Saddique – filed a writ at the High Court prohibiting CHRAJ to investigate the matter. They accused the commissioner, Emile Short, of making prejudicial comments during a television show.

On Thursday, the commission announced it had suspended investigation into the matter indefinitely.

But Mr Boateng Gyan told Joy News CHRAJ’s declaration is inimical to the paramount interest of their client.

According to him, the people named to have benefited from the bribe monies were named in their individual capacities and that it stands to reason they must fight individually to clear their names.

He was emphatic his client did not challenge the jurisdiction of CHRAJ to investigate the matter, nor did he file a writ in court to prohibit the anti-corruption institution from hearing the matter.

CHRAJ owes it a duty to hear his client, who like the other accused persons, has a right which must be protected, he argued.

As far as Lawyer Gyan is concerned, his client, innocent of the bribery allegations leveled against him, resigned his position as the Health Minister; he prays CHRAJ will hear the case of his client.

“After a thorough review of the case, we will file the appropriate court processes to compel CHRAJ to hear our case,” he stated.