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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Ho Central MP accused of rape


A twenty-three-year-old lady has accused the NDC Member of Parliament for Ho Central, Captain George Nfodjoh (Retd) of sexually abusing her.

Giving her name only as Sylvia, the lady claims Captain Nfodjoh, has since she came into contact with him in January this year, had sex with her under duress.

She said on two separate occasions, the MP held a pistol to her head, and she had to acquiesce, allowing him to have his way.

Recounting the first encounter, the ‘victim’ said when the MP pulled the pistol, she was too terrified and mollified to speak and “because I didn’t want [him] to harm me, I agreed and said ok protect yourself, he said ‘no, no’, he is not going to use any condom so he did it like that, raw.”

After the incident, she claimed Captain Nfodjoh prescribed a drug for her to go buy and when she asked for money for the drug, he snubbed her.

She maintained that even though she did not struggle with her aggressor, she was raped because she did it unwillingly.

The victim rejected suggestions she was trying to unjustifiably malign the MP because he refused to give her money.

“Have you ever asked him for any favour?”, Joy News’ Kwaku Obeng Adjei asked, to which she responded, “I have never, since I met him he has never given me even five pesewas.”

Sylvia told Joy News she broke her silence because she feels insulted by Captain Nfodjoh whom she claimed has objectified her to satisfy his sexual desires without recourse to her emotions and feelings.

She denied having a love relationship with her accuser “because if it [was a relationship] the man will not be doing it like that. It’s too much. How can you be treating your girlfriend like this,?” She asked.

She is yet to report the matter to the police and claims she has the MP on video, naked.

Refusing to speak directly to the allegations, the MP said he knows the lady in question and that he had reported her to her father whom he said is a friend.

“I say I have declined to talk to the press but the fact is that I know her,” and Obeng Adjei put to him a pointed question, “so you slept with her, you never had sex with her,” he responded faintly, “is not true, with all due respect I don’t want to carry on like this, everyone calling me and asking me questions.”

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