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Robbers attack Saheed Balogun


Saheed BalogunAce Yoruba actor, Saheed Balogun, certainly has endeared himself to many movie fans with his acting skills. Unfortunately, the actor is

currently not sharing from the fun he is dishing out to people in the movies. He was robbed at gun point early in the week.

Speaking with Life and Beats, Saheed said the incident occurred around 9. 50 pm at Mafoluku, Oshodi Lagos, where he had gone to drop off some of his guests.

“I had already dropped one of them and had just dropped the second person when some armed men accosted me, seized the car and drove off with me.”

According to the actor, the robbers took him as far as Cele bus stop along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway before speeding away with his Camry 2008 model.

Asked if his popular face did not save him from the robbers, Saheed said it was actually his face that saved him from being hurt by the robbers.

“They didn’t hurt me. Neither did they beat me. They told me I was lucky I was a popular face, otherwise they would have shot me.”

Saheed said it was an okada rider who recognised him at the spot the robbers dropped him that took him to the police station where he reported the matter.

He said, “As they dropped me off, I felt I was dreaming. I was totally lost. It was one okada man who said he loved the way I act that took me to the police station to report the matter.”

Saheed said he had various valuables in the car, including a new Dell Laptop, Sony digital camera, a briefcase containing valuable documents, cheque books, ATM cards and other personal items.

“I am a poor guy just struggling. I don’t know who I have offended. I don’t know what I did to these people. Anyway, I thank God they did not hurt me. It could be worse,” the actor lamented.

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