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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

La General Hospital apologises to assaulted patient


The La General Hospital has issued an unqualified apology to a patient who was alleged to have been assaulted by some nurses of the hospital.

This was confirmed to Joy News by Dr Irene Agyapong Director of the Greater Accra Health Service in an interview on Thursday.

The apology, she said was issued on the authority of the hospital but hesitated to state if it had the backing and approval of the three nurses.

“I do not want to turn myself into the spokesperson of the nurses because the case is a little complicated if I can be honest,” she said.

She noted even though the nurses admit they had no right to mistreat patients they are aggrieved that the media has turned a blind eye to the extreme provocation from the patient who is named only as Madam Assor.

The nurses had early on vowed not to apologise to the patient and would rather face the consequences of their actions at the law courts, where Madam Assor, swore to seek redress.

The nurses were accused of physically assaulting Madam Assor and stripping her bare after she visited the hospital to seek treatment for a stomach ache.

The 40-year-old assault victim said she was stripped naked in the midst of over fifty other patients.

Her lawyer threatened to sue the nurses if they continued exhibiting their unapologetic posture.

It is however not clear if she will proceed with the court action even after the apology by the hospital.

Dr Agyapong admitted the case has put the general health service in a bit of a quandary because they must send a strong signal to mistreatment of patients but at the same time advice patients not to provoke the nurses.

The case has also been referred to the disciplinary committee of the Ghana Health Service for action to be taken after thorough investigations.

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