‘Regent Killed Tamale Chief’

ACP Awuni AngwubutogeThe Northern Regional Police Command has identified Alhassan Tia, Regent of Garizhegu, as the one who plotted and

executed the gory murder of the Chief of Shigu, Naa Yakubu Andani.

The suspect and his brother are however on the run and have been declared wanted persons.

Four other persons, Yakubu Tia, Abubakari Tia, Musah Tia and Haruna Tia, have also been identified as being responsible for the murder of the chief, even though the 47 others arrested as suspects have also been placed in custody.

The Monday murder made worrying headlines yesterday in the country, as people wondered whether the Dagbon chieftaincy crisis had resurfaced.

Speaking to newsmen a day after the murder, the Northern Regional Police Commander, ACP Awuni Angwubutoge, mentioned Alhassan Tia, Regent of Garizhegu, a community in the Tamale North Constituency, and said four other persons were being vigorously pursued by the Police.   Some of the suspects are already in Police grips.

Chief Inspector Ebenezer Tetteh, Public Relations Officer of the Northern Regional Police Command, also disclosed that the Regent allegedly vowed before the chief’s murder that if he came to the town after his enskinment, he would be dealt with.

Chief Insp. Tetteh said that Alhassan Tia supposedly mobilized the youth to oppose the enskinment of Andani Yakubu, claiming that the final funeral rites of the late chief of the area were not performed before the enskinment of the new chief by Sanarigu Naa.

Chief Insp. Tetteh said the Police had enough evidence to prosecute Yakubu Tia, Abubakari Tia, Musah Tia and Haruna Tia for the murder of Yakubu Andani.

He cautioned anybody who might be habouring Alhassan Tia to produce him, else such a person would be charged for habouring a criminal if arrested.

Suspecting that the main suspect could be hiding in Tamale, Mr. Angwubutoge warned that anyone found to be keeping the suspects, would be arrested and dealt with according to law.

Investigations, according to the Police chief, suggest that the regent hired assassins to murder the chief.

“We can confirm that he (regent) hired those killers,” he said.

The regent and his brother, who are nowhere to be found after the dastardly act, are the prime suspects in the case.

The murder was ordered by the regent because of his abhorrence for the enskinment of the chief on 14th March last year by the Chief of Sanerigu.

Sanerigu is a suburb of Tamale and hosts the famous Tamale Senior High School, previously Tamale Secondary School.

The chief was given a hefty blow to the head and died instantly from the impact of the object used to hit his head.

Narrating how the assassins accomplished their mission, the Police chief said they placed on him the motorbike on which he was traveling, to create the impression that he died through an accident.

He expressed surprise over why Dagbon is beset with chieftaincy challenges, given that this part of the country is not endowed with mineral resources as in some parts of the south.

On Monday, the chief of Shigu, whose enskinment was shrouded in disagreements, was murdered in cold blood as he was traveling on his motorbike, quickly reminding Ghanaians about the murder of the Dagbon Overlord in 2002.