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Charter House Pays Kwaisey Pee With Award


Kwaisey PeeContemporary highlife singer, Kwaisey Pee has a taken a bold decision to say that his award he was won at

Ghana Music Awards 2007 as ‘Best Male Vocal Performance’ was more of a like a gift.

Now Kwaisey Pee is raging with anger with Ghana Music Awards and wants his fellow musicians to crusade against Charter House for a better Ghanaian music industry. Kwaisey Pee, a key figure in the contemporary highlife scene made a shocking revelation to Ghana Music.com that he was paid by Charter House with an award.

“As part of Irene winning the first edition of Stars of the Future to which she decided to record with Jane. I was contracted by Fred Darko of Charter House to write a song for Irene & Jane for their maiden album. I was stunned to see on the internet that it was Amandzeba Nat Brew that was credited as the writer”, he said.

“When I came back to Ghana and demanded the money they owed me for the song I wrote for Irene & Jane. They told me the GMA award was equivalent to the money they were supposed to give me”, Ghana Music.com quoted him as saying. Kwaisey Pee is heavily ranting directly at this year’s Ghana Music Awards and why because he deserves to be in at least four categories ‘Album of the Year’, Highlife Singer of the Year, ‘Songwriter of the Year’ and ‘Best Male Vocal Performance’.

Kwaisey Pee commented that, “I had to take a critical look at the nominees list again and realized I was only nominated once.
“I was shocked and told by one of the committee members that they didn’t know which type of song I did. Whether I was a hiplife singer, highlife singer or contemporary singer, they didn’t know and that’s why they fixed me in the ‘Songwriter of the Year’ category”, he said.

“I now really understand why Kojo Antwi, Blakk Rasta and co. don’t want their works nominated in Ghana Music Awards again”, he continued. “There are people like Amandzeba Nat Brew and Fredyma on the committee that I respect a lot and expect them to correct all these errors. I clearly remember giving my album to Fredyma last year in September so I don’t see why I should only have a category like ‘Best Male Vocal Performance’ whiles I know I have a better album than Ayigbe Edem who are in Album category”, he added.

Blakk Rasta, Appeitus and some few stake holders in the Ghanaian music industry have had issues with Ghana Music Award organizers. Kwaisey Pee is noted for songs like “Susana”, “Mehia “Odo”, “Akono Akono”, “Monto”, “Nonum”, “Akyekyere Me”, “Adene”, “Krokro Me”, “Akona Yaa” and more

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