3 Top Ghanaian Actresses Sex Video Vanishes?

When news of a supposed sex video involving a Ghanaian-based Nigerian businessman having intimate sexual affair with three

popular Ghanaian actresses hit the airwaves last week, it left several jaws wide opened in shock.

After a week of painstaking investigations and several attempts to ascertain the video’s existence, what is described as the biggest sex scandal in Ghana’s show business is gradually becoming a mirage.

According to the story which was first published by “News One”, an entertainment newspaper, last Wednesday, February 3rd, the Nigerian man who is said to reside at Trasaco Valley in a painted red house, has invested a great deal of money in Ghana’s show business.

His name begins with the letter A.

The said Nigerian is reported to have dated all three well known female actresses (currently reigning both in Ghana and Nigeria movies) and recorded his sexual conquests with the ladies on video, quite clearly, without their knowledge.

The “News One” story described the first actress as a light-skinned lady and daughter of a well-known musician who is not a Christian. The second actress in the video is said to be a chocolate-skinned lady who likes keeping long hair. Her face is on several giant-sized billboards dotted all over Accra. She was recently rumored to have broken up with the father of her son.

The third actress, daughter of a Christian leader, is comparatively a new face in the industry and became popular mainly after appearing in a movie that talks about love, abortion and ghosts. She is said to be not a tall person.

In an interview with the Editor of News One, Mr. Bennett Akuoko, on Thursday, February 4, a day after they broke the story, on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, he confirmed every word in the story and stood by the report.

When the host of the show, Kwesi Aboagye, asked him categorically if he has seen the video himself, he answered “Oh of course if I haven’t seen the video, how was I able to describe the act and give graphic details, like I did in the story?” he added. When asked to tell Ghanaians when they will release the video, Mr. Akuoko said he was going to meet with his “team” to determine when it will be juicy for their readers, and added that the video will be made public in due time.

He went on to repeat the same words on TV3’s “Spotlight”.

Fast forward to Friday, February 5th, and Bennett still insisted there was a video and urged viewers to keep their fingers crossed as the story unfolds.

However, several attempts by peacefmonline.com to follow up on the story on Friday and Saturday failed, because the “News One” Editor either refused to pick up his call or was out of coverage area.

When he finally picked up his phone, last Saturday afternoon, he explained that there have been lots of confrontations, discussions and tension since the story came out, but agreed to show the video in his office on Monday February 8.

Peacefmonlines’ Entertainment reporter, Eugene Osafo Nkansah, got to the office of “News One” Monday afternoon at about 2pm. The Front Desk Executive at “News One” offices placed an intercom call informing Bennett about Eugene’s arrival but he (Bennet) refused to come out of his office.

Two other reporters from “News One” and “Daily Guide” were sent to personally call him, but there was no word from the “News One” Editor.

Eugene then asked the lady at the front desk to call Bennett again for the appointment o be rescheduled, if he (Bennett) was “busy”, but the Editor rather sent one of his reporters to tell Eugene to “go and that he will contact him later.”

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports say, the sex video has currently been forwarded to Mrs. Gina Blay, publisher of Daily Guide and News One. According to sources, “News One” initially wanted to publish still images of the video but some influential people from certain quarters and stakeholders in the movie industry offered to pay the paper a huge amount of cash to prevent it from coming into the public domain.

The rather strange behavior of the Editor, though, has raised questions about the genuineness or existence of the sex video, and whether is the story is not a fabrication. This is a huge credibility test of the Ghanaian media and a test of the decency of our “trinity” female actresses and for the movie industry as a whole.

But nonetheless, the big question still remains unanswered, “Where is the sex video of the 3 top Ghanaian actresses? Peacefmonline.com will not rest until the mystery behind this “sex scandal” is unraveled.

In another development, this week’s edition of “News One” yesterday February 10, reported that two people, one O.A.D. Adewale, who introduced himself as a Nigerian owning a publishing house in Abuja, has offer to pay a cash amount of $72,000 and a Ghanaian movie producer who begged for anonymity proposed to buy the said sex tape for a cash amount of $15,000.