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Jay Q Hits At New Engineers In Ghana


Jay QReasons were given as to who is killing the game but no one realized that the music engineers were also part

of the reason the industry dwindled.

One sound engineer who took a French leaf from Ghana to USA to continue his profession has revealed to Flex newspaper saying the fact that he is not in Ghana does not mean he is not following what is going on in the industry in Ghana.

“I once read an article on the net and the source was Flex newspaper and the story was about one engineer who said some sound engineers are copying his style. I want him to shut his mouth because his name Kill Beatz even sounds like QBeat and secondly, if he is playing Hip hop then he his copying the Americans. If he is playing hiplife then he may be copying Engineers’ like Zapp Mallet, Appietus or me” he fumed to that statement.

He continued that if Kill Beatz or any engineer thinks he is the first Ghanaian to play Hip hop then they might be joking. “How old was Killbeatz when Reggie came out with Makaa maka, I want to know if any Ghanaian song can now compete with a Nigerian song in the international world. When Nigerians have tormented hiplife to the extent that all our musicians now sound like them.”

He added that the best thing now is for Ghanaian engineers to unite because they have the power to control the industry as to whether it should go the hiplife way or the Nigerian way. “When Jama music was on top, which DJ played Naija music. The time Appietus and Zap Mallet were in control of the industry which engineer played Nigerian music? So now if the young engineers have taken over why do they have to let the industry die and begin to blame Djs” he asked.

“So far as we sing like Nigerians, none of our hiplife musicians will be recognized in the world market. I have said this several times and I will always say it because the time I was in control of the industry, Ghanaian music was on top and I was very proud. Now look at the shame our new engineers are bringing to us, do you think any Ghanaian artiste can now win a contract in Nigeria or can over come any Nigerian musician? It can never happen” he revealed.

He lamented that some years back the Nigerians, Europeans and the Americans welcomed our songs but now its not like that. For him the only way a Ghanaian musician can go international is to Play Ghanaian RHYTHMS. “You cant sell a good pizza to the Americans but rather you can sell “Koko and Akala” to them. Let’s grow up even if Hip Hop is the rhythm we want, it shouldn’t have taken the Nigerians a step but rather a fusion from our Ghanaian culture.”

As to when he will be coming back to Ghana, he said he will be coming soon with a different style which will not be Hip hop but rather take a different level. He was working on a hiplife Jazz with some hiplife artistes before he moved from Ghana to USA. He promised to come and continue with that FlavourBy soon.

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