Ebo To Release Album Soon

AANDY KWABENA Ebo AdisiNDY KWABENA Ebo Adisi, musician and younger brother of Nat Kwabena Adisi, otherwise known

as Bola Ray of Joy FM, is making a comeback after what is perceived to be a hiatus from the music scene.

Ebo exploded onto the music industry with his single Once-Twice. All his songs were released under Empire Entertainment, which is owned by his brother.

He told BEATWAVES that although he is not with Empire Entertainment anymore, his brother still assists him.

Currently, he has signed with Smart Multimedia, one of Ghana’s fastest growing entertainment record labels.

Ebo is set to release a fresh album titled ‘Rise To Fame’ on the label, and this is expected to enliven the standards he set with his previous projects.

‘Rise To Fame’ contains twelve tracks which are fused with different rhythms ranging from Afro Pop, Dancehall and Reggae tunes.

Some of the songs on the album include Honey, Rep it, Marry Me, Hold on and Jehovah. Two songs from the album; Honey and Rep it, have started playing on the airwaves.

The full album will soon hit the music scene along with a huge charity project to improve the lives of the underprivileged.

Ebo started his career as a radio presenter with the University of Ghana’s Radio Universe. He later left for Top Radio and finally moved on to Adom FM.

He however bowed out in 2003 when the opportunity to pursue his music career came knocking.

He explained that he started music at an early age when he used to listen to tunes from international artistes like Michael Jackson and Bob Marley from his father’s library.

He then started rapping in senior high until he made his professional debut in 2004. “Music is in me, and there is no other way I can make it come out than to release music”, he said.

He released the Once–Twice single in 2005.

Currently a student of the Telecom University at Tesano studying Information Technology, Ebo attended St. Johns Preparatory, went on to St. Johns Grammar Secondary School before proceeding to the University of Ghana, Legon, where he began his stint as a radio presenter and finally a musician.

He said his upcoming album is devoid of profane lyrics because to him music is meant to send a message. “After ten years I want children to listen to my song and take me as mentor”, he added.

He also said he feels he has not achieved one per cent of his dreams in the industry.

That, he explained, is the reason why he chose the name ‘Rise To Fame’ for his next album.

By Francis Addo