Daily Guide’s Vendetta Against TB Joshua

I think someone needs to address this issue. When an article came out on Citi FMs website with a story that Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua had

contributed to the imminent closure of a prominent school in Achimota over an unlawful residential building he was said to be erecting, a lot of Ghanaians were understandably angry. The story soon spread with sites such as Peace FM, Modern Ghana and Ghana Web picking it up. Then, not surprisingly given their antecedents of a smear campaign against the pastor, NPPs Daily Guide covered the story.

When real facts later emerged proving that the story was founded on a false premise and was actually inaccurate, any reputable and respectable media house is expected to retract the story in its entirety in order to correct the erroneous impression created. Such was the case of the original source, Citi FM, who apologized and said they regretted the error, a stance mirrored in the other online media who had provided false information to the Ghanaian public.

Many days after however, Daily Guide has refused to retract a story that has been proven on many grounds to be nothing but a malicious rumor. By such act, they are sending across a very clear signal, that, for the sake of political inclinations and influence, they have abandoned the very ethos and ethics on which their noble profession is founded. Where then is integrity? Where then is reliability? Where then is truth?

Such acts of deliberate misinformation cast a shadow on the rest of the stories published through their medium. I for one am discouraged from reading their online news again, as political propaganda seems to take preeminence. On the issue of Pastor T.B. Joshua alone, numerous negative headlines such as: ‘T.B. Joshua Is A Con Man’ and ‘T.B. Joshua Uprooted’ are testament to their position. This is not to say that such stories cannot be written, but balance, fairness and impartiality are rules in any upright media house.

Any viewers of Emmanuel TV who are familiar with TB Joshua’s ministry will know that the good works this man is doing both locally and internationally through charitable works, healing and prophecy are enough news for any African media house to commend and celebrate. Have Daily Guide reported that TB Joshua has sent a team to Haiti to help the victims of the devastating earthquake? Have Daily Guide reported that scholarships to less-privileged students are given out on a weekly basis at The SCOAN, irrespective of their race or religion? Have Daily Guide reported that Joshua brought two transformers for a local Lagos community who were plunged into darkness for many months after theirs caught fire and burnt to ashes? What of the prophecies revealed live to the world week-in, week-out on Emmanuel TV?

The simple truth is Joshua’s close relationship with our president Mills is now being used as ammunition against the NDC Government by the NPP media-puppets. As such, at the slightest opportunity, Daily Guide slings its mud at will. Well, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the pastor, but it’s certainly affecting your reputation. You have lost one more reader…