ATL resumes operations today

Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL), the largest textile manufacturing company in the country, resumes operations Monday with the full

complement of its 1,600 workforce, after a one-week break.

This follows the company’s ability to take delivery of four tankers of residual fuel oil (RFO or black oil) from private oil marketing companies at the weekend, which delivery, when added to a small quantity of the oil in stock, will enable the company to operate for the next three days.

The administrative Manager of ATL Mr Kwaku Asare-Menako, who confirmed this to the Daily Graphic Sunday, said, “This is only a temporary measure; we hope TOR will come on stream to enable us to operate fully.”

The management of ATL announced a break in the company’s operations last week and sent home one-third of its 1,600 workforce, following the shortage of RFO on the market, occasioned by the recent fire outbreak at the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR).

Mr Asare-Menako said all the workers who were sent home in the wake of the break had been asked to report for duty. He admitted that the situation was still precarious, indicating that the company was still searching for more black oil to salvage the situation.

Last Friday, TOR assured the textile industry that it was working around the clock to restore the supply of RFO.

The Public Relations Officer of TOR, Mrs Aba Lokko, told the Daily Graphic that the refinery had now found a site for the construction of a temporary point where tankers could load the fuel.

According to her, TOR had an adequate stock of RFO but the challenge had been how to find a site for tankers to load the fuel without compromising safety requirements.