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How Daddy Had Sex With Me


Baba Musah A 20-year-old woman has narrated how her own father, Baba Musah, 38, held her at knife

point and subjected her to several bouts of sexual intercourse until she now carries his child.

The young petite woman, who looked visibly scared of her father, narrated her ordeal exclusively to DAILY GUIDE yesterday when the incestuous father made his maiden appearance at the Ashaiman Circuit Court presided over by Seyeram Yao Azumah.

“After my stepmother left the house with all her children, leaving me behind with my father, he suddenly changed and became more possessive, sometimes preventing me from going out to mingle with other young women in the area.

“One day when he came back from town and after taking his bath, instead of going to bed, he came over to where I was and tried to have sex with me and when I resisted, he pulled a knife on me,” she noted, almost bursting into tears.

She said her father scared her so much and threatened to kill her if she did not allow him to have sex with her.

According to her, after the first incident, Baba Musah, a security man,  always raped her at knife point, most often in the night when he came back from work or town.

Yesterday, Musah, looking very moody and wearing the same green T-shirt and a pair of green trousers he wore when he was arrested, arrived at the court handcuffed to other persons believed to be standing trial at the same court for various crimes.

Before the court heard his alleged incest case, Musah, who sat a few meters away from his daughter-cum-victim, kept dozing and only woke up anytime there was a shout of ‘Order! Order!!’ by the Court Warrant Officer.   

He sometimes sat with his two palms supporting his chin with elbows on his laps as if thinking about what would become of him when he was called to the dock.

The victim, who could not look in the direction of her father, was crying and mopped her eyes as an elderly woman consoled her.

The woman later introduced herself to DAILY GUIDE as the mother of Musah’s second wife- the one who deserted him because he was not taking care of her and their three children.

Finally, when Musah was called to the dock, he spent less than five minutes listening to the charges preferred against him.

The Judge, on realizing that there was a problem with a portion of the charge sheet, advised that it be rectified and therefore adjourned hearing to a later date to allow enough time for the correction of the charge sheet.

Later outside the court, the victim (name withheld) who was still shedding tears, told DAILY GUIDE that she did not ever want to set eyes on her father again, describing him as the cruelest person she had ever known.

She narrated that not only did he rape her at knife point, but he sometimes beat her up, adding that there were times she went to bed without food.

Asked what she thought should be done to her father, the victim quickly remarked that it was entirely the duty of the law court, and stressed that she was sure the court would do what was right, turning to look at her father one more time as he was bundled together with other suspects into a waiting van to be remanded into police custody.

Baba Musah was arrested by police from Ashaiman after his daughter, whom he raped and impregnated, had managed to escape from their home in Klagon near Sakumono and narrated her ordeal to her step-mother who was staying in Accra.

On hearing the victim’s ordeal, the stepmother and her mother then reported Musah to the Accra branch of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) and were directed to the Ashaiman branch since the accused person lived closer to that office.

He was subsequently arrested and placed in custody. He was said to have admitted raping his daughter at knife point, making her pregnant in the process, during interrogation.

DAILY GUIDE overheard Musah pleading with the victim’s escort to persuade his daughter not to get him punished.

He also complained to the woman to help get him food as he had not been fed since his arrest, adding that it was crowded at the police cells in Tema where he was currently being kept.

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