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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Giant robot boots soccer ball at 200 Km/h


Unfortunately, this giant exhibition robot, which can kick at said mind-blowing speeds thanks to a spring-loaded “foot,” was created by

Japanese engineers at Castrol. So, in the unlikely event that hunks of metal are allowed on the pitch (not including debris thrown by angry fans), it looks like Japan would benefit first.

For now, you’ll have to journey to the Land of the Rising Sun to catch this bot in action (or just watch the video). It’ll be touring the country as part of a demonstration that proves soccer-megastar Cristiano Ronaldo, who can kick a ball about 130 km/h, doesn’t have the world’s strongest “leg.”

Even if you’re a professional goalkeeper, don’t stand in the way of this high-powered bot unless you’re ready to lose a limb. Don’t believe us? Just ask that poor cardboard keeper from the demonstration. With only one leg, he’ll never kick again.

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