Ashanti NPP to manage Alan, Akufo-Addo factions


Alan and Akufo-Addo factions have been creating problems for the NPPThe new executive committee of the NPP in the Ashanti Region is determined to manage the Alan

Kyerematen/Nana Akufo-Addo dichotomy in a way that would not break the front of the party in the region.

In line with this objective, the executive would soon take a collective decision that would close their doors either as a group or individuals to the political ambitions of any flag bearer aspirant.

Mr Sam Payne, the newly elected regional secretary, told the Daily Graphic that “we are tired of the so-called Alan Kyerematen/Nana Akufo-Addo dichotomy and we will not allow it to break our ranks.”

According to him, the development concerning the two front-runners to the party’s 2010 presidential candidate position had not helped the party’s cause in the region.

“We therefore need to take a decision in order to give us the space to work to improve the party’s chances for the 2012 election.”

He said it would be wrong for any regional executive to front for any of the flag bearer aspirants.

“The NPP has come a long way and we cannot play to the games of any flag bearer aspirant.

“Any of the aspirants who comes to the region can go outside the regional executive to campaign and not to use us,” Mr Payne said.

Mr Payne said factionalism could destroy the very fabric of the party “and this is what we should fight against”.

He indicated that the battle for the 2012 elections demanded unity, hard work and dedication from not only party executives but all party members.

He stated that it was when they worked in unity that they could completely clip the wings of the NDC.

Mr Payne said Ghanaians were calling for the return of the NPP but the party needed to do its homework very well to guarantee victory in the next elections.

Fortunately, he said, the regional executive, chaired by Mr F.F. Anto, was ready to work together to get things going.