Baby Ansaba is not worth an editor-Frank Agyakum


Baby AnsabaOffice of former president Kufuor has expressed utter surprise over confessions by ‘senior’ journalist Baby Ansaba.

Baby Ansaba also known as Ato Sam admitted fabricating stories about President Mills then candidate Mills over his health status only to help the cause of the then ruling party the NPP.

He also criticized the former administration for not taking him out on trips in spite of all that he did for them.

Spokesperson to the ex-president Frank Agyakum told Joy News’ Stephen Anti the ranting by the journalist was unfortunate.

“It just saddens me and I’m amazed that a journalist of his caliber will say the things that he is saying. His sole criteria for judging President Kufuor is that he did not take him on a trip.

“If that is what a journalist is worth, that I don’t take you on a trip and because of that you are not worthy to be called a good president, then of course he is not worthy to be called an editor,” Agyakum fired.

He accused Ansaba of trying to flirt with every government in power and warned him to hasten slowly and be cautious of the things he says.

Asked if he was aware of the lies by the journalist, My Agyakum retorted: “How could I be aware. He is an editor of a newspaper when he is publishing a newspaper, he doesn’t consult me I couldn’t have been aware that he was publishing lies and if he admits of publishing lies than so be it.”

According to him the ex-president is surprised with the utterances of Baby Ansaba, especially when as president tried to be fair to all.

Mr. Agyakum said he has been good friends with Baby Ansaba in his days as a journalist and feels let down by his utterances.