Jon Germain Premieres Uncompleted Video


Jon Germain“My name is Jon Germain, you can gladly call me the Supremo, large and in charge, see you next week

with top quality entertainment” coupled with a salute gesture is the normal way the mystery man signs of his mind-blowing magazine show.

Permit me to call him the mystery man. His achievements have got me wondering and thinking a lot especially after the release of his rock pop album “THIS WHO I AM”. In My Head” was an instant success from day one and is the favorite of a lot of music lovers around the world.

As usual every great hit has to be complemented with an astonishing video and lovers of the British-aura; back-laden, ace presenter couldn’t just wait. The multi talented art kept to his promise of releasing a video of his hit single “In My Head” on the 30th of January when he showed the uncompleted video of the song on his “Allo Tigo” show.

Reviewing the video now will be of no essence because it is still been edited. My initial impression is variable but on the whole, it is an absolute masterpiece. The first scene of the video shows a Jon who is straining his bed spread. He wakes up and washes his face, the next couple of scenes tells the story from a train station, a green farm land and a studio where the pretty lady in Jon’s bird is seen sitting behind and upfront on photographic discharges.

The masterpiece is further clarified when Jon walks through the railways, sees a microphone holds on to it and releases his innermost feeling into the microphone, goes on his knees and re-echoes the words “You in my head”. The video is still in the studios and finishing touches are been administered. Bravo to the Supremo, we can’t wait for the final work but what we have seen is enough to earn airtime on every major gig around the world.