Chief Justice orders re-empannel of family tribunal

Chief Justice Georgina Wood Chief Justice Georgina Wood has instructed the Winneba District Court to re-empanel a family tribunal to

hear a custody battle which has dragged for five years.

Kingsley Amoakwah, an Audit Assistant at the University of Education, is seeking custody of his two children from his ex-wife Rita Acquah because he says they are victims of constant abuse by his former mother-in-law who is their current guardian.

Mr. Amoakwah says he petitioned the Chief Justice to remove one of the panel members G. K. Acquah who he claims has some interest in the case.

Though the Chief Justice has ceded to his requests, Mr. Amoakwah says he is concerned about how long it will take for the tribunal to comply.

“Unless I go to the Village, the children see me and come there; even when they come to me [and] they return home, they are beaten. In fact the only thing I will have is the authority telling me or telling somebody that as a father I have a right to my children and access to the children and that the children have access to their father. Otherwise, I may be I will use emotions which will not augur well,” he lamented.